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Ada packages for NetBSD

How many people are using Ada programming language on NetBSD?

I noticed the lack of binary Ada packages, and even if some are
available, they are too old to bootstrap a newer gcc4 Ada compiler.

I guess the difficulty comes from the fact that you need a working Ada
compiler in order to build a new one.

I did a canadian cross build of gcc-4.4.3 in order to get the following
native Ada compilers for NetBSD-5.0:

gcc4-ada_i386, gcc4-ada_amd64 and gcc4-ada_sparc64

Maybe other platforms can be supported as well. I don't know if cross
built amd64 and sparc64 compilers work, since I don't have the machines
to test them.

Since doing canadian corss builds takes a lot of time, it would be
nice to have a few binary Ada packages in pkgsrc. Also we could provide
instructions on how to set up a tool chain, in case someone wants to
try building a native Ada compiler for other platforms.

Would any developers who have access to pkgsrc, be interested in
building/testing Ada compilers and uploading them to ftp server?

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