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Re: encfs works?

Jan Åmydke wrote:
> $ encfs ~/.crypt ~/crypt
> after verifying the password it said:
> EncFS Password: 
> encfs: puffs_mount: cannot open /dev/puffs
> encfs: puffs_mount: directory "/home/honza/crypt": Permission denied
> Both the dirs "/home/honza/.crypt" and "/home/honza/crypt"
> have "drwx------" for me, so it should be all right...

I really appreciate your mail since I was also struggling with encfs a
few months ago.

In order to mount as non-root user you should set vfs.generic.usermount
to 1:
$ sysctl -w vfs.generic.usermount=1

That should do the job.

Victor Dorneanu

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