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Re: handling 'bootstrap-mk-files' upgrade on pkg_rolling-replace correctly

   Currently 'pkg_rolling-replace' gives an error while upgrading

tnn@ answered your real question, but I'd like to point out that
pkg_rolling-replace does "make replace" in the right order.  If the
order is right, but the make replace fails, then the problem is *not* a
pkg_rolling-replace problem, but a problem with the underlying make
replace mechanism.

In this case, and probably for pkg_install, things work better with
DESTDIR, because without it there is a time when the bootstrap-mk-files
are missing but needed.  I used to work around this by

  rm -rf /var/db/pkg/bootstrap-mk-files*

and then just 'make package', since I didn't care about dependencies
being recorded and overwriting was ok.  That was a kludge, though and
the resulting "pkg_add -u" is better.

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