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Re: Too much metadata?

On Mon, Nov 30, 2009 at 12:49:51PM -0500, Norton Allen wrote:
> I'm interested in building a handful of packages which are supplied
> through pkgsrc. Is it true that I have to download metadata for every
> package every conceived before I can build the package I want? Clearly
> that is not necessary, but I haven't found a roadmap for starting with a
> smaller set. It seems as though the pkgtools that understand

  I did something like this at some point.

  Just as a pointer for your exploration (since, as has been
pointed out, it's not officially supported) I believe I started by
checking out


and then iteratively checked out other packages upon which my in-
progress package builds depended one-by-one--or maybe few-by-few--
as I discovered them (in the build attempts' errors).

  Of course, this amounts to paying for reduced disk-space and
bandwidth with increased initial investment of time and cumbersome-
ness; but actually, for your scenario, it sounds like it may be
worthwhile in the longer term (at least if the dependencies of the
package you want to maintain rarely change).

Cheers,  --Dave B

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