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Re: License type needed

  I've just recently finished packaing up the old game of dungeon (the
  forerunner of Zork), and would like to commit it to pkgsrc.  But this
  package needs a "commercial use is strictly prohibited" license.

Probably you mean that the contents of the specific license contain that.

  Is there a list somewhere of all the valid licenses for pkgsrc?

Yes, ls /usr/pkgsrc/licenses :-)

  Is there a suggestion of an existing license that would be appropriate
  for this package?

If you can find one that is textually identical except for subsituting
the name of the copyright holder, use it, and otherwise it needs the
license text from that game put in a file.

We long ago deprecated "no-commercial-use" as a license, because it
isn't a license, and almost every such license in packages was different.

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