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Re: exim 4.70 on NetBSD 5.0.1 failure

J.R. wrote:

is it possible to offer him some help? Is there maybe a development system
to test a patch?

Well, I can still make tests on my NetBSD box if required, but please note that it is in no way dependant of NetBSD.

The res_foo API is deprecated, and the alternative res_nfoo functions have been around for many, many years. IMHO, using deprecated APIs in new code is not recommended.

res_nfoo functions use statp instead of _res, which is thread-safe.

Feel free to forward my mail if you need too.

In fact, the DNS resolution is sufficiently isolated that we *could*
implement the res_nsend API.  I don't have a NetBSD box to test any
changes on though, so I'm unwilling to write the patch.


There should be some piece of code in exim 4.70 that uses _res directly.
It should be rewritten with the res_n*() (res_ninit, res_nsend, ...)
functions, which are thread-safe.

See also


Jean-Yves Migeon

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