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Re: man output in opensolaris

* On 2009-11-17 at 08:26 GMT, Stathis Kamperis wrote:

> I'm using pkgsrc 2009Q3 under opensolaris build 127.
> When I type 'man pkg_delete' I get a totally unformatted continuous
> stream of text output:

This is a bug in our manpage handling, Solaris requires that cat pages
have the suffix of the section rather than simply '.0', so for example we
should install the pkg_delete cat page as 'cat1/pkg_delete.1'.  It doesn't
find it, so tries to parse the original and fails as explained elsewhere.

I had a patch for this somewhere a while ago but never got around to
cleaning it up and committing.  If someone else gets there first...

Jonathan Perkin                                     The NetBSD Project             

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