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man output in opensolaris

Hello everybody.

I'm using pkgsrc 2009Q3 under opensolaris build 127.
When I type 'man pkg_delete' I get a totally unformatted continuous
stream of text output:

The command is used to delete packages that have been  previously
installed  with  the  command.  The given packages are sorted, so
that the dependencies of a package are deleted after the package.
Before  any  action  is  executed,  checks  for packages that are
marked as or have depending packages left.  If the flag is given,
preserved  packages  are  removed  from  the  list of packages to
remove.  Unless the flag is given,  stops  on  the  first  error.
Since  the  command may execute scripts or programs provided by a
package file, your system may be susceptible to or  other  subtle
attacks  from miscreants who create dangerous package files.  You
are advised to verify the competence and identity  of  those  who
... it goes like this till the end

Any hints on what I'm missing ? My $TERM is set to 'xterm'.

Best regards,

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