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RE: package with hard-coded shell path

> > Can I manually trigger it earlier, so it happens first in
> > pre-configure?
> No.
> > If not, what are my options to get this path fixed
> > by this point?
> You can for the moment use the normal SUBST framework.

I'd looked at that, so thanks for the confirmation.  If I set the SUBST_STAGE 
to pre-configure will it happen at the very beginning of pre-configure, or 
should I trigger it on post-wrapper instead?

> I would consider to move the hook before pre-configure though or adding
> a new do-configure-early-hook and allowing to use that for
> Comments on that?

Since this particular case is to run a customized autoconf/automake script 
supplied by the authors, maybe there should be a standard "autostuff" phase for 
these actions rather than putting them into pre-configure when needed.  By 
default NO_AUTOSTUFF would be "yes".  This would preserve the pre-phase, phase, 
post-phase symmetry, instead of adding pre-pre-pre-phase oddities for some and 
not for others.


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