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Why including meta-pkgs everywhere ?

Hello pkgsrc-users@

I can't understand why pkgsrc include meta-pkg depend everywhere, I mean I 
wanted to install only some kdebase stuff and it depend on everything meta-

Same for k3b, konversation, kmess, why these pkg needs a full kde installation 
? Do you think konversation need kdeedu, kdegames, kdemultimedia ? I don't 
think so and pkgsrc is the only one framework including a full kde 
installation I seen.

There is also a lot of gnome dependencies on GTK based applications, I wanted 
to install gimp a long time ago and I was surprised to have plenty gnome 
dependencies such as Gconf, ORbit and even policykit. I asked on the channel 
#pkgsrc@freenode and they said `Ask gnome it's their crap' by the way gimp is 
not a gnome project and is really independant of it. Because they also say 
`provide patches' I guess we can't say anything without providing patches ?

I'll do if necessary ;-)

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