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Re: porting inquiry

On Sun, 27 Sep 2009 22:01:27 -0700
Michael Litchard <> wrote:

> I noticed in pkgsrc/docs/TODO that VirtualBox is on the "to be ported"
> list. I couldn't find who was in charge of this, and was interested in
> helping out with the porting effort. Could someone point me to the
> right person?


As Adam mentioned, I have launched an initial effort in pkgsrc-wip[1].
It's currently at the state where work needs to begin on the kernel
module (/dev/vboxdrv) as well as the userland part that talks to it.
I've imported empty stub routines in the files/ directory to allow the
userland part to build, but much work remains here. A related issue
with virtualbox is that we need to find out exactly why NetBSD doesn't
work as a guest OS. There are some possible theories in this[2] thread.



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