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Re: Ruby Enterprise Edition (REE) and Passenger (mod_rails)

We do have an internal package for both REE and Passenger. With REE, I'm having it install under ${PREFIX}/ree, and since it's using a normal GNU configure, I'm just hacking it by passing the custom prefix using CONFIGURE_ARGS at the end of Makefile. There is probably a better way.

Passenger is cleaner, I'm simply calling their installer script, then copying out needed files to relatively reasonable locations (they have some pretty nonsense default file system layout implied). This is for the Apache module. I have not tried the Nginx module yet - that should really be made part of Nginx using the options framework, as it compiles into Nginx directly.

I never find enough to even commit to pkgsrc-wip, and besides I can only test on OpenSolaris.

Filip Hajny
Joyent Inc.

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