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perl build problems


I was yesterday evening trying to build perl (bmake package) on Slackware 13.0 


in mk.conf but the build fails like this

=> Automatic manual page handling
=> Generating post-install file lists
=> Checking file-check results for perl-5.10.0nb6
=> Checking for non-existent script interpreters in perl-5.10.0nb6
WARNING: [] File "/usr/pkgsrc/lang/perl5/work/.destdir/usr/pkg/bin/perllink" cannot be read. WARNING: [] File "/usr/pkgsrc/lang/perl5/work/.destdir/usr/pkg/man/man1/perllink.1" cannot be read.
=> Checking file permissions in perl-5.10.0nb6
=> Checking for missing run-time search paths in perl-5.10.0nb6
ERROR: /usr/pkgsrc/lang/perl5/work/.destdir/usr/pkg/bin/perl: => not found ERROR: /usr/pkgsrc/lang/perl5/work/.destdir/usr/pkg/bin/perl5.10.0: => not found
ERROR: *** The programs/libs shown above will not find the listed
ERROR:     shared libraries at runtime.
ERROR:     Please fix the package (add -Wl,-R.../lib in the right places)!
*** Error code 1

bmake: stopped in /usr/pkgsrc/lang/perl5
*** Error code 1

After commenting out those three I was able to "bmake install" without any problems. Any ideas what's wrong?

PS. I have also PKG_DEVELOPER=yes.


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