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Re: Why is xpdf now obsolete?

On Sun, Aug 23, 2009 at 11:32:38AM -0500, Dave Vollenweider wrote:
> I third this.  There are some things you can do in xpdf that you *still* 
> can't do in epdfview.  Being able to view multiple PDF files that index 
> each other as one huge document comes immediately to mind.  Being more 
> lightweight also counts for something in my book and for these two 
> reasons I would be quite angry if xpdf was marked "obsolete" and 
> removed.

I must concur. It is somewhat disheartening that a program that has worked
so well for so many years is suddenly "obsolete". I am a heavy user of both
xpdf and xdvi, and it would be sad if I am left with something that brings
the whole Gnome (or gtk/glib at least?).

Two cents from a xpdf-user,


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