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Re: Why is xpdf now obsolete?

Bernd Ernesti <> writes:

> [redirecting to pkgsrc-users]
> On Sun, Aug 23, 2009 at 01:48:52PM +1200, David Sainty wrote:
>> Christos Zoulas wrote:
>> >Module Name:        pkgsrc
>> >Committed By:       christos
>> >Date:               Sun Aug 23 01:14:00 UTC 2009
>> >
>> >Added Files:
>> >    pkgsrc/print/xpdf: MESSAGE
>> >
>> >Log Message:
>> >add a message that this is obsolete.
>> >  
>> Is this better off in DESCR?  I think of MESSAGE as text that people 
>> need after a package is installed, and DESCR as text of interest before 
>> a package is installed.  This text seems more useful in the latter case, 
>> especially given that xpdf can't be installed if poppler is already 
>> installed.

Agreed.  DESCR should given enough information for someone to decide if
they want to install the package.  But "obsolete" seems too strong; I
think the reality is that the gnome world has gone to poppler and
gtk-based viewers, and therefore pkgsrc ends up needing to have those
installed on most systems, and it's a pain to try to have xpdf installed
because the poppler people hijacked program names.

> Why is xpdf obsolete?
> The latest version is from this year and has not all the gtk stuff which
> epdfview uses. I wouldn't call epdfview a lightweight one.
> The conflict between poppler-util and xpdf is only annoying.
> Could we please finally fix the conflicts problem, like renaming the
> pdf* programs in one of the two packages?
> poppler is a xpdf fork so that is the first choice (leaving the orginal
> one alone), but maybe the xpdf one could be easier to find a new name
> for all the pdf* programs.

I'll second this.  poppler-util conflicts with xpdf, but doesn't
actually replace it in any reasonable way.

It would perhaps be reasonable instead to drop all the utilities from
xpdf, just not installing them.

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