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Re: Modular Xorg and Windowmaker

Michael <> writes:

> Try to disable the Composite and DAMAGE extensions.

Thanks, Michael.

I had to try a few times, before I noticed, that the use of capital
letters in your answer is important.

Now I have:

Option "Composite" "Disable"
Option "DAMAGE" "Disable"

in my xorg.conf and the log tells me in lines 50 and 51, that the
extensions are disabled.

On the other hand, lines 445 and 446 say:

(II) Initializing built-in extension COMPOSITE
(II) Initializing built-in extension DAMAGE

So I first thought, the "Option" lines were useless, but Windowmaker
works fine and I'm happy again ;-)

I must say, I liked the old way more, where you had to _en_able
extensions instead of trying to find out, what to disable in order to
get things working.

Anyway, thanks again,


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