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Re: TexLive

At Thu, 30 Jul 2009 11:39:17 +0200,
Jukka Salmi <> wrote:
> BTW, does it really make sense to provide all those TeX, LaTeX etc.
> packages from pkgsrc?  TeX Live has its own package manager (tlmgr), so
> less redundant work needs to be done if we'd provide just tlmgr and the
> TL binaries from pkgsrc and instruct the user to use tlmgr to install
> the desired packages.  And with tlmgr you're able to install collections
> and schemes (sets of packages) which gets you a useful TL installation
> quite fast.  Of course this could be achieved by meta packages in
> pkgsrc, but then again much redundant work would need to be done...

With this approach, we would need to heavily customize tlmgr to make
it aware of pkgsrc packages and the mapping between pkgsrc and TeX
Live.  Moreover, pkg_install should be able to handle dependencies on
TeX Live packages installed by tlmgr because we have many packages
requiring TeX functionality as dependency; pkgsrc would become no
longer self-contained.  IMO, this is the main reason why we have
implemented ruby or R packages as pkgsrc packages instead of relying
on their package systems.

Min Sik Kim

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