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Hello pkgsrc-users

I'd like to ask about TexLive.  As a graduate student, having
TL on my desktop is a necessity.

The simple and relatively painless way to install TL is by way
of the DVD from TUG.  However, there are no NetBSD binaries
available on the DVD from TUG so for the moment, this is out.

There was a short thread back in February concerning the
status of TexLive in pkgsrc but it did not reveal much except
that it uses the OpenBSD port.  There are a ton of directories
in pkgsrc/print and more in wip but no documentation on the wiki
to say which of all that needs to be (or should be) installed.

What exactly IS the status of TL on NetBSD and what are the
steps involved to install it?  Is the NetBSD port of TL mature
enough to do serious work with or is the bulk of the package
still in wip?  Does anyone know if TUG plans to include NetBSD
binaries on the 2009 DVD?

many thanks,

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