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Re: TexLive

At Thu, 30 Jul 2009 08:55:55 -0600, (Brook Milligan) wrote:
> Jukka Salmi writes:
>  > BTW, does it really make sense to provide all those TeX, LaTeX etc.
>  > packages from pkgsrc?  TeX Live has its own package manager (tlmgr), so
>  > less redundant work needs to be done if we'd provide just tlmgr and the
>  > TL binaries from pkgsrc and instruct the user to use tlmgr to install
>  > the desired packages.  And with tlmgr you're able to install collections
>  > and schemes (sets of packages) which gets you a useful TL installation
>  > quite fast.  Of course this could be achieved by meta packages in
>  > pkgsrc, but then again much redundant work would need to be done...
> I agree that redundant work would be nice to eliminate.  At the same
> time, a unified means of setting up and managing a system is _really_
> valuable and should not be glossed over.  Thus, I suggest that we seek
> a means of harnessing the capacity of something like tlmgr within
> pkgsrc.
> I will point out that R is another example of a system that has its
> own way of installing R packages.  That is, there is an R command
> specifically for installing packages that have been downloaded.  That
> has all been abstracted into a common Makefile to be included by R
> packages within pkgsrc.

This is exactly what pkgsrc does for TeX Live packages.  TeX Live 2008
packages include print/texlive/, and TeX Live 2009

Min Sik Kim

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