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Re: is pkg_rolling-replace -X still working?

On Tue, Jul 28, 2009 at 5:42 PM, Greg Troxel<> wrote:
> If you would like to make a patch to pkg_rr that also causes -X to
> exclude based on PKGPATH in addition to PKGNAME, I'd be happy to look at
> it.  But I suspect you'll say -X mutt from now on....

I hope pkg/41790 is resolved soon, and I don't have to use neither one
nor the other for a long time :)

And indeed I found in my documentation, that it was PKGNAME all the
time. I confused it with "pkg_chk -U". I understand the rational for
using PKGPATH there (because pkgchk.conf contains paths), but a
consistent naming scheme would be ... not bad.

Joern Clausen

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