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Bind96 update to 9.6.1 (see PR 41772) (patch available).

I have sent a patch (in PR 41772) that might update net/bind96
from 9.6.0-P1 to 9.6.1   (9.6.1 is in the doc/TODO file).

Unfortunately I screwed up submitting the PR, and sent it to
category pkh rather than pkg - so now the OR appears as pending/41772
and didn't get distributed to the list (but it can be
retrieved by anyone competent to apply the upgrade and test it).

I'm currently running the named it built (on a NetBSD 4.0_STABLE system)
so it all looks OK to me, but ...

I didn't notice pkg/41751 (in time) or I might have been tempted to
include that change as well (perhaps later sometime...)


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