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Re: [rant] Too many dependencies

On Wed, Jul 22, 2009 at 10:41:44AM +1000, Sarton O'Brien wrote:
> On 22/07/2009 10:21 AM, Joerg Sonnenberger wrote:
>> On Wed, Jul 22, 2009 at 10:04:17AM +1000, Sarton O'Brien wrote:
>>> You're the ideas man though, any alternate suggestions? Being a 'user'
>>> in the purest sense, I have no idea what tips the scales towards pain
>>> nor gain.
>> Part of the problem starts from your mail. The package options generally
>> fall into two categories.
> Ok, I'll accept responsibility for being the cause of part of the  
> problem. *shrug*  wegyttd

I didn't want to imply *that* :)

>> The other class are fine-grained options that are relatively package
>> specific. This are things like what database adapter to use in the case
>> of Django or what codecs to support for transcode/mplayer. The core
>> problem here is that selecting a small subset is very likely to make the
>> package unusable by default. If you care, check the options and select
>> what you need.
> For binary packages I agree. If I'm to build anything with regards to a  
> database or codec, I ensure those options are enabled prior and don't  
> rely on default options, so maybe I'm just different.

...which is basically: "I am customizing the options". That works
independent of what the defaults are.

>> Also keep in mind that every option needs at least some basic testing
>> for every update or it is just going to bitrot. The result are angry
>> complains why something is not working correctly.
> I imagine this would be the case whether the options are enabled or not.  
> Seeing as binary packages would still be required with the typical  
> default options, I can't quite see how this kind of testing could be  
> neglected.

It is very easy to not test every possible combination of options.
Just like even buildlink can't avoid all hidden dependencies to exist.

> As a user trying to adhere to the existing framework, knowing what to  
> set for PKG_DEFAULT_OPTIONS and X11_TYPE to ensure I only get what I  
> need, was not obvious.

Ultimately, only show-options/show-depends-options will tell.

> All I'm saying is; it would be nice to be able to build whatever I want  
> and know that it will be the bare minimum if I so choose. That choice  
> doesn't currently exist unless you are a little seasoned.



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