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Re: [rant] Too many dependencies

On 21/07/2009 8:48 PM, OBATA Akio wrote:
On Tue, 21 Jul 2009 19:30:40 +0900, Jan 
Danielsson<>  wrote:

     I guess it would be difficult to implement (to everyones
satisfaction), but it would be great if one could set a variable which
stipulates what kind of system one wants: Maximum features, or minimal

I wonder if we should introduce suggested option set.
Say, each packages define PKG_SUGGESTED_OPTIONS.lite, 
PKG_SUGGESTE_OPTIONS.gnome and so on
and user define PKG_SUGGESTED_OPTIONS_SET=lite.

Yes please! :)

     Looking at the tree above, I don't see that there are many options
which would trim the dependency tree. But I don't know if there perhaps
are undocumented flags (the script I used to generate the tree parses
the output from "make show-depends" and "make show-options") which would
trim it down further.

You can use "make show-depends-options".

Wow, that shows a lot more than 'make show-depends'. Thanks :)


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