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Re: devel/subversion: always needs apache.

Alan Barrett wrote:
> On Mon, 06 Jul 2009, Greg Troxel wrote:
>> From devel/subversion/DESCR:
>>   This is a meta-package.  It installs no files, but it depends on all
>>   the Subversion components, including the base pacakge with the
>>   subversion client and server, the apache module, and four language
>>   bindings.
> I suggest adding something like "If all you want is the subversion
> client, then install the subversion-base package, not the subversion
> package."
>> If you mean "the name devel/subversion is confusing, and really
>> subversion-base should be called subversion and subversion should be
>> called subversion-bindings", then you have a point, but IMHO the cost
>> of change is more than the cost of confusion especially given that the
>> DESCR files are accurate.  I did add a hint to devel/subversion/DESCR
>> making this more obvious.
> I do think that it's confusing for the "subversion" package to install
> much more than the subversion software, but I don't have a good
> suggestion for fixing that.

This heavily depends on what you expect. A lot of people thinks about
"comfort features", they expect when installing a software to get all
extras, too. Others expect just the pure basics.

I think, to those who expect just the basics - no comfort features etc., we
can expect to read the included documentation, so I like (and prefer) Greg's
solution. I know - sometimes it's hard, especially because pkgsrc has so
many comfort that I incline to forget proving the documentation before
installing a package. These moments help me to remember :)


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