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emulators/vba: Compiling Issue - vba does not compile on AMD Athlon 32-bit

Hi guys!
My name is Torres (a strange name... it is the Brazilian Portuguese
word for ´towers´...).
I am new to pkgsrc-users list, and I am using pkgsrc on DracoLinux (a
Linux distro using pkgsrc-2008Q4 as main package system).

I have tried to compile emulators/vba, but it breaks with a serie of
messages. Searching around the screeen mess :) I have found this
messages (sorry but I dont have the output with me now...)

In file src/prof/gmon.h:
uint32_t is not naming a type
struct tostruct has no selfpc field

Searching around pkgsrc patches, I have found the problem in patch-ad

 struct tostruct
-    char *selfpc;
+    uint32_t selfpc;
     int count;
     unsigned short link;

Maybe the uint32_t type is not recognized by gcc(g++).
I have not searched other bugs, but I think all of it it is related to
the 64-bit fix patches

In-fakt, I have a very strange AMD Athlon 32-bit platform as main
system (running FreeBSD, NetBSD and Linux). It appears to be not so
i486-compliant: I have tried to run a precompiled package for zsnes,
and it breaks, but the pkgsrc compiled package runs very well.

Sorry by the mess in this mail, and thankz in advance!

If they would need some detailed output, I can get it in a couple of days.

Ass.: Torres

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