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Re: hald on NetBSD/i386 -- how?

2009/4/2 walt <>:
> Well, you've done the same things I've done, but hald *is* running on
> my machine after bootup.

Walt, that's good news -- I had the misconception that it doesn't work
for you either.

> During bootup, when the rc.d scripts are
> running, do you see console messages like 'starting hald'?  I do,

I do, too. But running the hal rc.d script with "status" after booting
indicates that it is not running.

Some questions:
- Which exact OS version do you run? 5.0 RC3?
- Did you compile the OS or pkgsrc from source? I did the installation
via binary sets and pkg_add of pre-compiled packages from
- Did you do any further configuration file tuning with respect to dbus or hal?
- Would you mind posting the list of packages installed on your machine?

Kind regards

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