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Re: hald on NetBSD/i386 -- how?

Ingolf Steinbach wrote:
2009/4/1 walt<>:
Hm.  How and when are you starting hald?  Are you using the example
startup script, etc?

I have
- copied the example rc scripts for both hal and dbus to /etc/rc.d
- set the corresponding variables to YES in /etc/rc.conf
- rebooted.

After the boot procedure has finished, hald is not running, so I try
to see what's going wrong by starting hald manually:
# hald --daemon=no --verbose=yes

Well, you've done the same things I've done, but hald *is* running on
my machine after bootup.  During bootup, when the rc.d scripts are
running, do you see console messages like 'starting hald'?  I do, but
if you don't see them then that's where to start looking for problems.

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