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Re: xfce 4.6.0?

At Thu, 19 Mar 2009 18:12:15 +0100,
Daniel Horecki wrote:
> Marko Schütz wrote:
> > you may want to look at xmonad: its configuration is in a Haskell
> > source file and when it (re)starts it looks whether that has been
> > updated. If so, it compiles the config source and (re)links itself... 
> > 
> >
> > 
> Isn't xmonad limited to i386 thanks to ghc?

thanks to lang/ghc, but not thanks to ghc itself.

The reason lang/ghc is currently limited to i386 is that bootstrapping
ghc requires a Haskell compiler. The approach taken is to use
intermediate C code from a build of an older version, translate that
to a Haskell compiler and then use that Haskell compiler to compile
the more recent version of ghc. The intermediate C code used is for
i386. But ghc itself is not so limited. 

Best regards,


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