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Re: xfce 4.6.0?

At Tue, 17 Mar 2009 18:42:42 -0400,
Mike Meyer wrote:
> On Wed, 18 Mar 2009 00:12:33 +0200
> Aleksey Cheusov <> wrote:
> > One important category of more powerful/modern window managers are
> > programmable ones that allow to do everything with a help of external
> > programs or internal scripting language.  I think one of the best in
> > this category is wm/wmii. 
> I was thinking about mentioning wmii. What makes it interesting to me
> to me isn't that it allows you to do lots of stuff via external
> programs - wmii is actually pretty wimpy compared to things like gwm
> and plpwm - but that it's in the class of window managers that
> actually manage windows, instead of forcing the user to do so. If you
> hate resizing and moving windows in order to see what you're doing,
> you should take a look at wmii & such.

you may want to look at xmonad: its configuration is in a Haskell
source file and when it (re)starts it looks whether that has been
updated. If so, it compiles the config source and (re)links itself...

Best regards,


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