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Removal of "firefox3-bin" package

Hello folks,

I installed a new -current NetBSD machine last night, and I wanted to
install Firefox quickly so that I could google my configuration
questions without needing another machine.  Since I wanted something
quick, I chose the firefox3-bin package.

It turns out that this package has been broken on NetBSD for a while
now, as Matthias Scheler pointed out in Novemeber
 To summarize his post, the binary requires a newer version of GTK+
2.x than we offer in the "suse_gtk2" package, and we cannot update the
SuSE packages because NetBSD's Linux emulation cannot eumulate a 2.6.x
Linux kernel.

I propose that we should remove this package ASAP until the issues are
resolved.  If this package still works on other OSs and is useful,
perhaps we should just disable installation on NetBSD.

My pkgsrc mojo is limited, so I can remove the package if that is the
agreement but I'm not really qualified to make changes to the package
(without some pointers at least).


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