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RE: xfce 4.6.0?

Jeremy C. Reed wrote:
> (This desktop environment is getting huge. What lightweight but modern
> looking window manager/desktop environment do you prefer? I use jwm.)

And I thought Xfce was the light-weight answer to GNOME...  I guess
"light-weight" is a relative term.

I'm a low-end user.  I keep my boxes running as long as I can, and like
NetBSD because it allows me to keep my older machines in service with a
modern OS.  I keep an eye on Equinox (EDE) and Etoile, but typically I run
Blackbox or Fluxbox alone without a desktop.  I once looked into packaging
Etoile for pkgsrc, but last I checked they use a development branch of
GNUstep, which seems unlikely to ever be included on principle.

      Tim Larson        AMT2 Unix Systems Administrator
          InterCall, a division of West Corporation

Be always sure you are right, then go ahead. - David Crockett

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