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Re: PHP-GD at 64bit?

On Thu, Mar 12, 2009 at 10:22:00AM -0400, Ernie Gillis wrote:
> I'm wondering what success people have had in doing 64bit compiling from 
> source on an intel platform.

I can at least tell you that it's OSX specific. I've got everything
compiled under NetBSD amd64 on intel pentiumD. Never had any 32 vs 64
problems ... except for grub.

> I am using an Intel Core 2 Duo with Mac OS X as my platform.
> Currently, my main issues are with PHP-GD which is relying on the  
> "libjpeg.dylib." The "libjpeg.dylib" does not appear to want to compile 
> at 64bit.

Sounds like a pr. If it's suppose to work and it's not a known limitation
then probably best to tell them directly.

> Does anyone know if I'm stuck having to compile everything 32bit? The  
> problem is certain libraries relying on other libraries and when there is 
> architecture mismatching, it fails across the board.

That doesn't sound right, but it may be a current or general limitation
for some OS specific reason. I'd say it's a bug as the only time I can
think of that a 32bit binary would be needed, is when you need some niche
piece of software to function. I've only ever needed the 32bit grub and
thats only due to BSD devs not being bothered with a linux bootloader when
they can just emulate, and they have now adapted installboot meaning grub
can be retired completely (this is for xen and pre-boot.cfg kernel juggling).

It's a bug or pkgsrc doesn't support OSX 64-bit in it's entirety. If it's
not completely supported, I'm surprised no-one has answered you on here.

Sorry I can't actually help :)


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