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Re: clarifications for openoffice3/MESSAGE ?

2009/1/6 Jeremy C. Reed <>:
> I just installed openoffice3 and the +DISPLAY told me "Before using this
> package for the first time, each user has to run a setup program, which is
> automatically invoked at the first start."
> Where is this "setup program"?

soffice.bin will go though the setup process if you do not have a directory.

> And do I need to run this if I was previously using openoffice2?

It *should* create new directory, giving you the
opportunity to import personal settings from the previous version.

> Also the MESSAGE mentions "platform dependent extensions" -- I don't
> understand from reading this why I would do this. I have no idea what this
> is.

There are OO extensions running on specific platforms only, even if
the .oxt file appears to be the same, i.e. pdfimport.

> From first reading this I thought "extension.oxt" was the actual name
> and that I need to do this to enable the now-installed extensions.
> Maybe it should also say "... a third-party extention, for example:" (Or
> "arbitrary"?)
> And where is the "Extension Manager"? How do I run it?

Tools->Extension Manager from any main OO window.

>  Jeremy C. Reed

(tested the above on Solaris - my NetBSD box is a few hundred meters
away and I am lazy to go there...).

Chavdar Ivanov

Eddie Izzard  - "I grew up in Europe, where the history comes from."

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