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Re: net/bind8 removal

Greg Troxel wrote:
> Adrian Portelli <> writes:
>> Unless anyone has any strong objections I'd like to nuke net/bind8 after
>> 2008Q4 has been cut.  BIND8 was marked depreciated a while ago now
>> (August 2007) and ISC is listing the three versions on their site as
>> 9.4.x (maintenance), 9.5.x (release) and 9.6.x (release).  We have the
>> 9.4.x[*] and 9.5.x[*] branches already in pkgsrc and after the freeze
>> I'll probably try and import 9.6.x which will give us all three branches
>> in pkgsrc.
>> Please let me know if anyone has any objections to this.
>> thanks,
>> adrian.
>> * We're slightly behind the latest releases with these branches which
>> I'll try and resolve after the freeze.
> Are they still issuing security patches?

Not for 8.x, it's pretty much dead from a support PoV.  i.e. no new
features and no new security patches.


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