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Re: net/bind8 removal

Adrian Portelli <> writes:

> Unless anyone has any strong objections I'd like to nuke net/bind8 after
> 2008Q4 has been cut.  BIND8 was marked depreciated a while ago now
> (August 2007) and ISC is listing the three versions on their site as
> 9.4.x (maintenance), 9.5.x (release) and 9.6.x (release).  We have the
> 9.4.x[*] and 9.5.x[*] branches already in pkgsrc and after the freeze
> I'll probably try and import 9.6.x which will give us all three branches
> in pkgsrc.
> Please let me know if anyone has any objections to this.
> thanks,
> adrian.
> * We're slightly behind the latest releases with these branches which
> I'll try and resolve after the freeze.

Are they still issuing security patches?  bind8 seems pretty crufty, but
not quite in the category that anyone running it can be roundly flamed.
This is always a tough call.

I don't care personally as if I ever run bind from pkgsrc I want the

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