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Re: Building packages on Freebsd

Finaly found the mistake I've made : I used a generic mk.conf, instead
of taking the one proposed by the bootstrap.
Sorry for the noise.
Best regards.
David Aubril

Aleksey Cheusov a écrit :
>> Hi everyone.
>> I would like to build packages using pkgsrc on freebsd. I've installed
>> freebsd 7.0 without Xorg ( average user ), copied pkgsrc,
>> bootstrapped... But when it comes to build something, I get stuck at
>> X11-links. Building stops with an error code 1 : X headers are missing.
> You can try to set X11_TYPE=modular and setup X server from pkgsrc
>> I can't get around that. Should I install freebsd with Xorg ? not sure
>> it would change anything.
> or install X server and libraries from FreeBSD.
> On Linux(Debian) I personally use Debian's X server but use
> X11_TYPE=modular for building X clients from pkgsrc.
> X11_TYPE=native on platforms other than NetBSD
> causes lots of pkgsrc failures.
> On the other hand native X server may work better for your platform
> than modular xorg from pkgsrc (better patched/adapted, better support
> for closed-source binary drivers etc.).

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