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Re: Building packages on Freebsd

david aubril <> schrieb:
> Hi everyone.
> I would like to build packages using pkgsrc on freebsd. I've installed
> freebsd 7.0 without Xorg ( average user ), copied pkgsrc,
> bootstrapped... But when it comes to build something, I get stuck at
> X11-links. Building stops with an error code 1 : X headers are missing.
> I can't get around that. Should I install freebsd with Xorg ? not sure
> it would change anything.
> Any ideas ?
> Best regards,
> David Aubril ( trusiad )

I reckon FreeBSD's native xorg is not supported by pkgsrc, thus
you probably need "X11_TYPE=modular" in your mk.conf. That will
pull in the necessary dependencies.

Dennis den Brok

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