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RE: libtool --tag issue with pkgsrc under Linux [SOLVED]

> However, I kind of suspect that there's probably a better way, where 
> you just tell the bootstrap procedure what shell to use, rather than 
> changing the content of the shell the bootstrap uses by default.  I 
> am hoping that someone who knows will indicate what that way is.
> Needing to use 2 different shells during the bootstrap might be a more

> difficult problem to solve - are you able to say why that was needed 
> (that is, what exactly each of the shells was unable to process that 
> required switching to a different one) ?

I've had this problem trying to port pkgsrc to A/UX.  It's /bin/sh is
horribly broken and can't run the scripts.  Running as /bin/ksh
(included by default) works fine though.  Not finding a "good" way to do
this, I check for the existence of a file the first time through, and if
not found, create it and exec /bin/ksh bootstrap.  At the end of the
script I clean up the file.  My patch for this has not been submitted


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