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chinese fonts?

I will be reviewing (but not reading) some PDFs (for formatting and 
layout) that contain (as listed by pdffonts):

name                       type              emb sub uni object ID
-------------------------- ----------------- --- --- --- ---------
STFangsong                 CID TrueType      no  no  no    8971  0
SimSun                     CID TrueType      no  no  no     796  0
SimHei                     CID TrueType      no  no  no     805  0
OPKLIE+Wingdings-Regular   CID TrueType      yes yes no     825  0
(and some others that I already have)

And also pdffonts says
Error: Unknown character collection 'Adobe-GB1'

Evince has complaints like:

Error (407749): No font in show/space
Error: Unknown font tag 'C2_0'
Error (407765): No font in show
Error: Missing language pack for 'Adobe-GB1' mapping
Error: Unknown font tag 'C2_0'
Error (5601): No font in show
Error (5629): No font in show

Some of the characters show up; I assume must be part of the 

I will also be helping generate new documents using xsltproc, docbook and 
pdflatex and dblatex.

Any suggestions on how to get xpdf to evince show these fonts? Does pkgsrc 
include the needed fonts? (I couldn't find yet.)

  Jeremy C. Reed

p.s. I helped edit and co-authored some of the original English document. 
And even the translated document will contain syntax and commands in 
English, so I will at least be able to review that part of the translated 

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