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gnome apps belly up. [SEC = UNCLASSIFIED]

Hi all,

i'm trying to make gthumb but when installed and running gthumb
reports that it can't see any images. Despite jpg's a plenty in the directories

So I got the latest pkgsrc Q3 2008 and rebuilt it a new er version but the
same problem existed.

Then funny business. On the build the second time it downloaded a stack
of dist files  on make fetch-list |sh ,   but then the make didn't use any of

Finally I noticed my other gnome based apps like gnumeric are CACTUS.
they can't find libs and no longer work.

Normally I'd just get a later pkgsrc and rebuild but I've tried this as said
and it just builds another non working one.

Seems to me:

1. gnome based apps are screwed.

Apart from any suggestions you have,    is it possible just delete the gnome
pkgs  in the hope of starting again without rebuilding EVERY package or
even a dreaded re install of the whole OS?




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