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Re: [announce] wip/pkg_online - client/server search in pkgsrc packages

> pkg_online - client/server search in pkgsrc packages.

> Every separate field (PKGPATH, PKGNAME, COMMENT etc.) may be queried
> separately and multiple fields may be queried too. Lots of search
> strategies are available. A set of fields and search strategies may
> very depending on your server configuration. For example, you can
> search in binary (pkg_summary.gz generated by pkg_info -X) or source
> (pkg_src_summary.gz generated by wip/pkg_src_summary) repositories.

> Communication protocol is a well known dictionary protocol described
> in RFC-2229. Server runs dictd (wip/dict-server)

Version 0.5.0 is released.
Server is ready for use, dict://

Major changes

  INFO and SHORT-INFO databases contain pkg_summary(5)-formatted
  text. pkg_online_client and pkg_online_find tools run
  pkg_summary4view(1) utility for reformatting.

  New option -r added to pkg_online_client and pkg_online_find
  for printing package information in pkg_summary(5) format.

  Thus, pkg_online_client and pkg_online_server tools may effectively
  be used in conjunction with pkg_summary-utils(7). In particular
  pkg_online can now be pkg_offline :-), i.e. wrapper over
  pkg_grep_summary (say, pkg_offline_client) may be used instead of

Best regards, Aleksey Cheusov.

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