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Hello list,

Could someone using Xfce try this...


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Subject: x11/xfce4-wavelan-plugin
Date: Mon, 21 Jul 2008 20:36:47 +0200


i'm the OpenBSD maintainer of x11/xfce4, and i also took over upstream
maintenance of xfce4 wavelan plugin. I already updated its code to work
on OpenBSD-current, and i'd like to fix the support for NetBSD/FreeBSD
while here.
Latest code is here :

I know FreeBSD dropped wi API for 7.0, i only have access to a 6.1 box
with ral and no access to NetBSD box with wifi, so it'd be nice if we
cooperate to have a common working code before i release next version
(0.5.5). So far i had a look at ifconfig.c implems, but i can't really
test, nor know if it works with all available devices.

A 'debug version' of the code with an embedded main() is available here
I've been trying it on various devices on OpenBSD, sometimes quality is
only reported as dB (when max_rssi = 0), sometimes as % (which is the
target unit to comply with.. err..linux.)

Thanks for any help, i'd really appreciate if you can send me a working
code (let's say 'for current version of the OS') which reports accurate
nwid/quality/rate values for integration in the plugin.

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