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Re: evince and gnome

"Jeremy C. Reed" <> writes:

> A month ago, I made a new package evince-gtk that basically does:
> --without-libgnome --disable-nautilus
> and doesn't included the libgnomeui buildlink3 file (and renamed the 
> package and changed COMMENT and description).
> I never committed.
> Today, I made an option -gnome to turn it off instead.

As wiz said: should be gnome in SUPPORTED and SUGGESTED.

> What do you prefer?
> - new package (evince-gtk)

which is really 'evince-nognome', but the name is ok.

> - evince have -gnome option (gnome is default)
> - evince with gnome option (gtk not gnome is default)

The trouble with options is that the bulk builds will build binary
packages only one way.  evince seems to be a gnome thing, so having it
build with gnome by default seems like the right choice.

Adding a gnome option SUPPORTED/SUGGESTED would let those who build from
source add 'PKG_DEFAULT_OPTIONS+=-gnome' to mk.conf and avoid gnome
whenever it's at all possible.  (For me, it's tcl.)

Adding a package would be some maintenance hassle, but would have a
no-gnome prebuilt.  I think there is some way to factor out most of the

I wouldn't have guessed that people wanted evince w/o gnome, but having
looked at the web page it makes sense to me.

Or, you could file a feature request with gnome that programs dlopen the
libs and have gnome be a run-time option, not compile time :-)

> p.s. I now noticed I already had libgnomeui and libgnome on this system 
> because pulled in by libcroco, librsvg, gimp. Depending on gnome doesn't 
> seem correct for default for The GIMP. I may need to look further as I may 
> be out of date.

This is a very messy issue.  It would be nice if you could post a
summary on tech-pkg before we have large-scale dependency rototilling -
the binary package issue makes this hard.  On my system, gimp doesn't
depend on gnome, and I don't think I've done anything to cause that to

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