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evince and gnome

A month ago, I made a new package evince-gtk that basically does:
--without-libgnome --disable-nautilus
and doesn't included the libgnomeui buildlink3 file (and renamed the 
package and changed COMMENT and description).
I never committed.

Today, I made an option -gnome to turn it off instead.

What do you prefer?

- new package (evince-gtk)
- evince have -gnome option (gnome is default)
- evince with gnome option (gtk not gnome is default)

  Jeremy C. Reed

p.s. I now noticed I already had libgnomeui and libgnome on this system 
because pulled in by libcroco, librsvg, gimp. Depending on gnome doesn't 
seem correct for default for The GIMP. I may need to look further as I may 
be out of date.

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