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Re: How to upgrade?


> pkg_chk -g
> pkg_chk -bua -P ftp://path/to/build/machine/pakcages

> That should mean you can use the second form here with the
> or any pkgsrc repository.

> The only thing that I believe doesn't work well here is that if I
> leave multiple versions of binary packages in the repository, pkg_chk
> doesn't always pick the best (latest) one.

This problem can easily be solved using my wip/pkg_summary-utils.

pkg_update_summary - for generating a pkg_summary(5) about binary
    packages and keeping it up-to-date
pkg_refresh_summary - for selecting latest/newest versions of packages.

IDEA is below

   pkg_update_summary $BINREP/pkg_summary.all.txt $BINREP
   pkg_refresh_summary $BINREP/pkg_summary.all.txt > $BINREP/pkg_summary.txt 
   gzip < $BINREP/pkg_summary.txt > $BINREP/pkg_summary.gz
   pkg_chk -uab -P $BINREP

TODO for pkg_refresh_summary - list of old binaries to make it possible
to remove them.

Best regards, Aleksey Cheusov.

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