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Re: How to upgrade?

Daniel Vergien wrote:

I tried to use pkgsrc-2008Q1 on Solaris 10 and now I want to upgrade it to 2008Q2. Which is the official way to do this? I couldn't not find something about it in the docs.



I've been doing a combination of what Greg Troxel suggested in my environment. First, I have a "build" machine where I produce binary packages. Then I install the binary packages on other machines.

On the "build" machine, I use...
pkg_chk -g
pkg_rolling-replace -vu

Once that's completed successfully, I use pkg_chk on the other machines like this...

pkg_chk -g
pkg_chk -bua -P ftp://path/to/build/machine/pakcages

That should mean you can use the second form here with the or any pkgsrc repository.

The only thing that I believe doesn't work well here is that if I leave multiple versions of binary packages in the repository, pkg_chk doesn't always pick the best (latest) one.

I have been using this method for 3 stable pkgsrc releases with minimal issues, on NetBSD and RedHat Linux. For NetBSD, I also use pkg_comp to build the packages, then install binary packages everywhere with pkg_chk.


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