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Re: How to upgrade?

Daniel Vergien <> writes:

> I tried to use pkgsrc-2008Q1 on Solaris 10 and now I want to upgrade
> it to 2008Q2. Which is the official way to do this? I couldn't not
> find something about it in the docs.

There are several approaches.  First, install pkgtools/pkg_chk and read
and understand the man page.  Assuming you are building from source,
update to the new branch.  Then one of the following.

  Use pkg_chk to make a list of packages you have installed (pkg_chk -g)
  Trim the list down to what you actually want.
  Delete all of them.
  pkg_chk -ask -C my-pkgchk.conf
    alternatively, add binary packages
  [This approach works well, but there's a period when you have no packages.]

  'make update' on packages that are out of date.  This will remove and
  rebuild depending packages.  [I do not recommend this because it can
  fail partway through and then it's awkward to recover.]

  Use pkgtools/pkg_rolling-replace, running it as 'pkg_rolling-replace
  -uv'.  See the man page and ask if you have questions.  This does
  'make replace' one package at a time, in topologicallly sorted order
  by dependencies, and keeps track of which need rebuilding.  [I
  recommend this, but I designed pkg_rr to do what I want, so my
  recommendation should be taken with come caution.]

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