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Re: tkabber doesn't work with tk-8.4.18

 >>chat/tkabber doesn't work with tk-8.4.18 under Linux.

> please see 
> and 
> I bet your'e using gentoo or some other bleeding edge distro.
Debian etch. X11_TYPE=modular, pkgsrc-current.

 >>There's a rather distant plan to work on TCL packages:
 >>1. We need to get rid of 8.3.
 >>2. We need to bring 8.5.
 >>3. We need to update everything to use 8.5, since 8.4 is obsoleted upstream.

> Agree with this. I routinely configure, build and install tcl and tk 8.5+ on
> my netbsd box, and they work out of the box, no patches required.

IMHO it whould be nice to patch tk-8.4.18 for pkgsrc-2008Q2 branch.
If you have one, I hope pkgsrc developer will apply it.
Or at least I apply it for in my own pkgsrc tree :)

Best regards, Aleksey Cheusov.

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