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qemu and networking and Memory fault (core dumped)

Whenever I use qemu-0.9.0nb1 from pkgsrc to ssh or ftp out, qemu crashes 

Memory fault (core dumped)

That is hosted on NetBSD/amd64 4.99.55.

The virtualized operating systems tried are FreeBSD 4.8 and D... 
Small Linux (DSL) 4.2.4. Both crash.

It doesn't crash if pinging the gateway ( as assigned by qemu).

qemu 0.9.1 has been available for six months or so. A patch was provided 
for pkgsrc in January. But I don't recall it working for me (which is why 
I am back to 0.9.0). Also fixes have been shared upstream, but I don't see 
committed in qemu subversion.

Any ideas?

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