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Re: NetBSD package news/pan

On Fri, 13 Jun 2008 07:46:06 -0400
Greg Troxel <> wrote:

>   It seems that the latest revision of devel/glib2 (glib2-2.16.3nb3)
> no longer includes the functions g_assert() or
>   g_assert_not_reached(). These functions disappeared recently, since
>   they were still there in glib2-2.14.4.
>   This causes a build problem for news/pan which has several
> references to the above functions.
>   Can anyone suggest an appropriate work-around?  Preferably one that
>   does not involve reverting back to the older version of glib2, since
>   it's taken me several days to complete a pkg_rolling-update :)
> Without looking, I'd guess these were marked deprecated in 2.14 or
> earlier, and removed in 2.16.  So the ways forward (rejecting
> "convince glib2 folks not to remove functions" and "add the
> deprecated functions back in to pkgsrc" options) are:
>   get news/pan updated to a new version that builds against modern
> glib2
>   patch the sources to stop using the no-longer-provided functions
> When things like this have happened to me, I've sometimes been able to
> pull the changes from upstream cvs/svn, even if they haven't produced
> a release.
It looks like the version in pkgsrc is very old -- from the pan home
page, it's from August 2003.  Everything later seems to be marked
"beta", but...  Note in particular the comment on the May 19, 2007
version: "This release uses significantly less memory on 64-bit

                --Steve Bellovin,

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